New Mexico Residence

Fourth Year Studio

Instructor: Dwayne Oyler

Mass Study Diagram

This study of the mass was done by one object in many different position within the boundary of rectilinear object. It started with scooping out the object with large scalce of initial object. Secondly, two of initial objects were place beside the negative space. and the objects were shifted and misfit to create the cracks to the massing.

Massing Model (Medium: Styrene)

Site Plan

Object Section Diagram

There are two use of the initial object. First, the object was placed in the center and voided; the heart of the house. It extended to the landscape and became deep courtyard. Secondly, two objects are trapped in the rectilinear volume along the sides of the center void. Those objects not represented as a space of the whole volume, but produced the unusual moments in the space like deep cracks, which can bring in the light, and the interesting wall conditions

First Level Plan

Second Level Plan


Chunk Diagram

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