New Ecology Building of University of Chicago

Third Year Studio

Instructor: John Enright
Partner: Jinwen Yu

The ramen-noodle-like pipe structural system of New Ecology Building of University of Chicago catches the attention along the Chicago River. Continuous, curvy, and eye-catching pipes work as beams and columns, and those frames hold and raise the whole vivarium from the ground which created the open ground floor. The number of pipes and the braces were exaggerated extremely to reach the points where it can hold the heavy loads of the building. Chicago Ecology Building includes vivarium, classrooms, labs, offices, lecture hall, and theater.  

Module Diagrams

Aggregation Diagrams

Below Ground Level Plan

Ground Level Plan

Upper Levels Plans

Chicago City Plan

Strategy Diagram

Sections  (Drawing by Partner, Jinwen Yu)

Site plan
Axonometric Section (Drawing by Partner, Jinwen Yu)

Structure Fragments 

Elevations (Drawing by Partner, Jinwen Yu)

Continuous Floor Diagram 
Program Diagram

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