Berkeley Art Museum

Third Year Studio

Instructor: Russell Thomsen
Partner: Meeghan Lee

Located right across from the campus of UC Berkeley on Bancroft Way, the Berkeley Art Museum provides an outdoor pathway to walk through the museum with eye-catching glitch patterned facade from one sculpture garden to another while it being a shortcut from the campus to the residence for the students. The glitch pattern facade camouflaged the openings which bring subtle daylights into the museum. The museum includes public and private galleries, artist studios, sculpture gardens, theater, media lab, bookstore, and cafe. People are welcomed to sneak peek into the private artist studios through small opening from the sculpture garden.

Site Plan (Berkeley, CA)

Massing Diagram

The aggregation was mainly focused on keeping characteristics as a part while keeping the idea as a whole. Therefore each deep creases from the transformed beakers and peppers were exaggerated. Also through slicing and differencing the aggregation by detail moments of enlarged transformed peppers, more of characteristics as a whole have been emphasized.


Ground Level Plan (Drawing by Partner, Meeghan Lee)

Circulation Diagrams


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